Here at Christos Mart we are dedicated to enriching lives spiritually, socially, educationally and economically. We can think of no better path to spiritual enrichment then daily Bible study. We offer several daily devotionals here, faithfully believing that studying His word is one of the surest ways of allowing God’s word to work wonders in our lives. If you are looking for our statement of faith please read What We Believe.

How this ministry began:

In 1990 “the question” popped into my head: “If I were Christ, would I be satisfied with what John McIntosh had done so far in his life for Christ?” Almost before the question was formed in my mind the answer “No” reverberated about my being.

I still periodically ask myself that same question and the answer has not changed as much as I wish it had. That’s the reason I get up everyday and dedicate myself anew, in my irrefutably flawed and woefully inadequate way, to the cause of Christ. Hoping one day I might hear a different answer.

So for what some might consider rather selfish reasons this place was created for people of faith in the hope that it might, in some measure, evidence my devotion to the cause of Christ.

You see I am faced with the same dilemma all Christians face. Being all too well acquainted with the knowledge of the terrible sins Christ (by His blood and horrific suffering on the cross) washed from my record, what could I ever do to repay Him? To repay that most selfless of acts ever consummated here on earth?

If we, as people of faith are honest with ourselves we know there really is no way to humanly repay Christ for the peace He spilled over in our hearts. Yet a true believer will go to his grave attempting to do just that.

We cannot repay Him yet we cannot stop trying. That’s our dilemma. And I believe, in a very real sense that is one of our greatest strengths. So because we believers must always give our best for Christ, I humbly ask you to join in this exciting way for people of faith to advance the cause of Christ and to connect and interact with each other.

In so doing I sincerely hope and especially pray that, with input from millions of the faithful all over the world, God might look at the place we have created here and see it as, certainly not perfect, but a good work, one for which we may hear him say: Well done good and faithful servants.

Now to utilize this site as a way to add to your contribution to the cause of Christ, it is not necessary that you believe exactly what I believe. History buffs are quick to tell us that over the centuries Christianity has, from time to time, had some rather heated debates over some beliefs not shared by all Christians.

Christian scholars like to refer to these as “in-house” debates; arguments or discussions within and among the family of believers. I am sure it does not come as news to most readers that not all Christians agree on everything about God, Christ or the Bible. And of course not all Christians belong to the same church.

Nor do we all belong to the same denomination. But all Christians belong to Christ. Thus, in a real sense all those who are saved, whether living or dead, are members of the “family of God” as spoken of in Ephesians 3:14 & Ephesians 3:15.

In that sense Christos Mart is a “community” where all members can not only fellowship together with the goal of advancing the knowledge of God (for ourselves and others), but also a place where we can “enterprise” together.

A place where products and services we need and desire are furnished by people of faith.

Now, please do not misunderstand me. I’m not saying that if you are not a born again believer then please “keep out”. No, no, no, I want as many non believers as possible to come to this site believing with all my heart that if they examine the evidenced for Christ, then they will reach the same conclusion we followers have reached, He Is the Salvation of the world and the source of unending life.

Christ is the unifying force that brings us all together and it is Christ, specifically a deeply rooted desire to advance the cause of Christ that motivated me to create The Light Ministries. the Golden Rule Advocacy, Christos Mart and Christos Coin.

Christos Mart of course has no walls and is not limited by any physical realm. We think of it as a faith friendly”marketplace” for the free exchange of ideas, goods and services

In cyberspace we can come together and worship our Lord and Savior; and allow Him to work through us to help build each other up, strengthen one another and extend His love to a world in dire need of His saving grace. Let those who like to tear others down spend their time on social networking sites which are not too particular about what kinds of content they permit.

Now you may not always totally agree with every opinion expressed here, but, with your help we will do our utmost to do an effective job of eliminating “hate speech”, “attack speech”, “vulgarities”, “indecencies”, “obscenities”, “ad hominem attacks” and other repugnant content.

It does require some time lapse from the time a content creator uploads content to when it is made available to the public. For the vast majority of our content providers who are individuals and organizations that would never knowingly do anything to blemish the name of Christianity we apologize for any inconvenience this delay in the availability of their content might create. Unfortunately that is a price we all have to pay to have the assurance that this community will always be a Christian friendly place.

We may also have to sacrifice something in the way of the kind of “worldly” popularity some of these “Wild West” sites enjoy. And this likely will cost us in lost advertising revenue. So be it! “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Matthew 16:26 KJV.

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